Give Your Water Refilling Business The Boost It Deserves!

Since water is a basic necessity, water refilling business is undeniably a promising and profitable venture. However, water refilling stations are everywhere, the competition is tough and tight. How do you plan to stand out from your competitors? And even before that, do you have an efficient process in place to provide a satisfactory service for your customers in order to retain them? Do you have a reliable and regular ROI reports to see how your business is performing overtime? If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions or you’re completely unsure, then it’s time for you to take action and explore what H2Orders has to offer for your business.

Real Time Order Monitoring

H2Orders allows you to track all incoming  orders in real time, anywhere. And depending on you and your staff’s availability, you can manage orders in-app by accepting or declining them. Just see to it that you accept orders more than you decline them for a quality and satisfactory customer service.

Online Store Presence

Online presence is critical for your business’ success, this is how your current and potential customers will not only find you but also build an impression of your business. By using H2Orders, you are building an online presence for your water refilling business fast, simple and free.

Daily Transaction Reports

We understand that as a business owner, you want to stay on top of everything – especially with your sales data. With H2Orders app, you can browse through and even download your daily transaction reports, review your store’s recent activity, and get insights into your customers.

Here’s How It Works

Accept Orders

Accept incoming drinking water orders from your customers within 15 minutes.

Dispatch Delivery

Prepare the orders and dispatch on time based on the provided delivery address.

Close Sale

Once the order is delivered, confirm and close the sale through your mobile phone.

Monitor Efficiency

Regularly monitor delivery efficiency, customer satisfaction and sales performance.

Improve Your Service Relations
With Your Customers.

With H2Orders’ app based customer management system, you can gain real-time transaction insights of your water refilling business anywhere. You can conveniently monitor and manage all customer order bookings from your dashboard.

For booked orders, you can also send instant message to your customers for delivery updates using our real-time messaging feature. Customer experience matters, offering your customer a quality service and seamless water ordering process could help your business succeed.

Optimize Your Store’s Visibility Online.

Stay on top of your service availability with H2Orders so your customers can locate your water refilling station through our store locator feature. Order bookings are done online and our geolocator allows you to locate your customer’s delivery address for an optimal delivery lead-time.

You can also choose to stay offline while you attend other matters or when it’s beyond your business hours. Your customers will know that you are unavailable for order placement.

Access Revenue and Transaction Reports.

We know that revenue and transaction reports are crucial matter for your water refilling business and should be made available anytime you need it.

Your daily transaction reports are readily extractable from your dashboard so you can stay on top of your sales data and to help you make wise business decisions moving forward. Put an end to faulty and unreliable manual transaction monitoring by using H2Orders today.

Download our App and
Enjoy all the Features.

Download our app today and get access to clean and safe drinking water for you and your family. Take advantage of our app features for a seamless water ordering and delivery process.

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