How it works

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[ewf-iconbox title=”” icon=”ifc-smartphone_tablet” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]Your customer would be delighted to know that you have provided them ease of on-app ordering experience through their mobile device, enabling a hassle free purchase and delivery preference at the convenience of their time.[/ewf-iconbox][ewf-iconbox title=”” icon=”ifc-map_marker” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]You will gain real time insight into client related matters right at the preference of your location with our on-app customer management systems, you can take the business with you while enjoying your afternoon coffee break.[/ewf-iconbox]
[ewf-iconbox title=”” icon=”ifc-sell” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]You will gain full control of your service availability towards your clients so you can engage in business with them as they locate your store in their on-app store locator. Ordering will now be made just by the click of a button for your customers.[/ewf-iconbox][ewf-iconbox title=”” icon=”ifc-open_in_browser” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]We know that your business revenue and transaction reports are a crucial matter and should be in real time, so we made sure that these are readily extractable from your dashboard for your review whenever you need to make that call.[/ewf-iconbox]
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[ewf-iconbox title=”On-app ordering & delivery feature” icon=”ifc-move_by_trolley” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]Be in control for a hassle free purchase and delivery experience with your favorite water merchant straight from your mobile app.[/ewf-iconbox][ewf-iconbox title=”Real time messaging enables feature” icon=”ifc-replay” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]You can choose to interactively coordinate and gain updates about your booked order from your favorite water merchant.[/ewf-iconbox]
[ewf-iconbox title=”App based order history tracker” icon=”ifc-open_in_browser” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]A superb ordering experience would also include accedd to previous transaction history for your casual references.[/ewf-iconbox][ewf-iconbox title=”On-app merchant locator” icon=”ifc-map_marker” style=”ewf-iconbox-style-6″]You are at the driver’s seat to choose amongst the list of water refilling stations for a more tailored-fit water ordering experience.[/ewf-iconbox]

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