Safe Drinking Water Starts With H2Orders.

In H2Orders, we believe that safe and clean drinking water should be accessible and readily available in every Filipino household. Our inspiration is to provide an innovative solution for efficient, fast and simple water ordering process from trusted water refilling businesses only. As such, we partner with legit water refilling business owners and empower them through our digital solutions for ease in real-time order management and access to regular transaction reports; consequently improving their customer relationship and achieving business growth.

With this holistic approach, we aspire to provide the Filipino community a seamless water ordering system and access to safe drinking water; meanwhile helping water refilling businesses thrive.



We aim to build intuitive, technology driven solutions for an efficient water ordering and management system.



Providing every Filipino household an access to clean and safe drinking water through innovative digital platform.

Welcome to H2Orders!



I take much pride in introducing to you the country’s pioneering water ordering mobile application service.

Our company, H2Orders, is in the business of partnering with water retailers in providing a hassle-free water ordering experience as we also fulfill our mission of enabling an app-based water ordering solution for the Filipino households. We will realize this advocacy for the community as we also empower our water refilling partners with a complementing app-based transaction monitoring and customer fulfilment platform for a real time business management facility. Our partners will find that these features will ensure that they will be on top of their water refilling station’s daily grind.

It would be an honor if you find our work to be complementing with what you have started in your water ordering community. And for this, we are eager to partner with you in H2Orders, as we fulfill our mutual aspirations for your customers and towards the advancement of your water refilling business.

I am looking forward towards a meaningful start of our partnership soon.

Best regards,

Adonis Evangelista

Co-Founder and President



We will always provide a seamless user experience for both merchants and customers.


We will see to it that our services and online solutions are relevant and in line with our user’s needs.


We understand that efficiency and system down-time are critical issues, hence our technology is treated with redundancy to mitigate risks.


We pursue practical solutions that are user-centered, the core of our innovation agenda is geared towards this purpose.


We will see to it that our solution is well established and that we’ll be able to provide reliable support for each of our users.


When in comes to H2Orders, our inspiration is to contribute for a healthier and vibrant Filipino community of the future. And the availability of clean drinking water in every household becomes an integral standpoint that we at H2Orders wanted to take part on. As we pursue practical innovative solutions that are user-centered, the core of agenda of H2Orders is geared towards the purpose of providing ease in water ordering transaction process.

While we build digital solutions that water refilling businesses can take advantage of to improve their business processes and realize business growth, we are also providing every Filipino a convenient access to clean and safe drinking water.

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